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Bags and luggage in China will continue to grow over the forecast period, owing to increased consumer purchasing power. Although China’s economic growth is slowing down, the country’s economy is still the most dynamic in the world and the government is making an effort to increase income levels. For that reason, consumers’ tendency to trade up is likely to continue and drive value growth.
Quanzhou strive to two years won
The newspaper news in recent years, Quanzhou city bag industry with an annual rate of more than 30% in the growth, development momentum is very strong, the first half of 2005 bag export year-on-year growth of 74%, and strive to 2010 the whole bag industry cluster production value exceeds 20000000000 yuan. Yesterday, the reporter from Quanzhou city bag industry chamber of Commerce, Quanzhou city bag industry" eleven five" development plan is preliminary already form. The next five years, with the help of Guangdong Province bag industry province to transfer the favorable opportunity, Quanzhou will be the main bag industry
Moving to undertake, promote industrial structure.
Industrial development momentum is powerful
In recent years, Quanzhou city bag industry development momentum is very strong, the first half of 2005 bag export year-on-year growth of 74%, in Quanzhou City, many export-oriented industries to develop one branch alone beautiful.
Quanzhou city bag industry chamber of Commerce Secretary Chen Zhanglong said, Quanzhou bag industry has become Quanzhou City eight exceeds 10000000000 yuan of new industrial clusters, there are bags production enterprises with more than 1000, the annual output value of about 10000000000 yuan, mainly the production of sports, leisure package series products, similar products accounted for about 36%, hold complete province 93% of similar products, has become China's bag export and world bag production base. In 2004 the bag industry tax total nearly 600000000 yuan, offer obtain employment post 130000 ( people ), is a Quanzhou people's livelihood products manufacturing base of important economic plate and arrange the important way of obtain employment.
Reportedly, at present Quanzhou city bag industry with obvious scale benefit, the output value of 100 million yuan enterprise to have 9, 50000000 yuan to 100000000 yuan have many 30, production value exceeds 1 ten million yuan enterprise has many 200, own standard workshop more than 50000m2 11, 10000m2 87, the scale of enterprise output value accounted for 73% of the total output value of industry. According to the industry" eleven five" plan, Quanzhou bag industry plan and strive to 2010 the whole bag industry cluster production value exceeds 20000000000 yuan.
According to Chen Zhanglong, Quanzhou and Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang bag industry such as compared to their counterparts, with the development of early, strength, reputation, product development capability, and other characteristics of good quality, Quanzhou should actively to declare the" China bags are" industry regional title work, will be in 2007" Quanzhou -- China's bags. " title.
By the industry upgrading
Quanzhou city bag industry chamber of Commerce President Li Jixiang analysis, at present Quanzhou bag industry, mainly in the production of low-grade products, and Guangdong, mainly in the production of high-end products, Zhejiang is to produce low-grade products, more than three area formed the world's largest bag production center, Quanzhou and two other regions in product positioning on both dislocation, also have competition.
Quanzhou should take the initiative to undertake Guangdong bags industrial transfer, through the transfer of industry to take the initiative, Quanzhou bag industry product quality will be able to ascend. Think, Quanzhou enterprises in upgrading product quality at the same time, also cannot abandon cheap product advantage of the traditional market. Because the bag industry is a labor-intensive enterprises, in recent years enterprise employment difficult question, he said Quanzhou bag of enterprises can be low-grade products production base in Zhangzhou, Longyan, Nanping, and other surrounding areas of spare labour established satellite factory.
"Low end products production base to move inland, Quanzhou, Hongkong, Taiwan, can draw lessons from Korea and other regions and countries, has gradually become a research and development, orders, production of high-grade products bags industrial center city." Li Jixiang said.
The city actively build a bag
The industry" eleven five" plan to point out, at present Quanzhou bag industrial development space is insufficient, because the carrier construction lag, overall planning and layout of vacancy, the lack of professional park and large-scale professional market, many enterprises in the development of the widespread production of land shortage, infrastructure is not enough problems, some is large in scale, output value of tens of millions or even billion enterprises have to change, or in the field of established plants, expand the space for development, weakened the overall competitiveness of Quanzhou bag industry.
The reporter learned from parties, the future Quanzhou bags industrial center -- the" Quanzhou international luggage logistics mall" construction is actively preparations, the current Quanzhou city hall has been in the district Anji road planning 200 acres of land as the luggage materials in the city with the ground, and the district government, province of bags of raw and auxiliary materials industry association, Quanzhou city bag three joint development of trade association.
Fujian province bags of raw and auxiliary materials industry association president Shi Nenghui said of the project, as one of the sponsors, East China investment company plans to invest 100000000 yuan in Quanzhou luggage logistics city development and construction.