Global luggage giant Samsonite uses TPU product upgrades

Column:Comany News Time:2018-04-14
The world's largest travel luggage company Samsonite opted Huntsman thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to improve the production lines of its products.

The world's largest travel luggage company Samsonite opted Huntsman thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to improve the production lines of its products.

Samsonite's European production headquarters in Oudenaarde, Belgium, the headquarters is being used to produce products IROGRAN Huntsman's Lite-Locked, Lite-Cube, Cosmolite, Firelite and Chronolite luggage brand parts.

On a business trip or travel, Samsonite's customers have high expectations for the product - they want a strong, lightweight, durable, high-quality luggage. To meet this requirement, the company on product functionality to innovate, more simple and convenient to use bags to allow customers peace of mind, so as to continuously improve the customer travel experience.

Before, Samsonite has been sourcing raw materials from Asia-Pacific countries for the production of goods factory in Belgium components. However, the company is now more willing to start procurement of raw materials needed from local suppliers.

In particular a need for a new material very reliable adhesion with the polyamide handle. Samsonite's product development experts are very clear about what they want. They need a good anti-strength material pull, not only to withstand the cuts, abrasion and general wear and tear, but also soft and beautiful shape.

Samsonite has adopted important distribution partner Huntsman IMCD Group's recommendation to try using thermoplastic polyurethane and other materials can be perfect bound and plasticizer-free IROGRAN series (TPU).

Global giant Samsonite luggage

All technical characteristics IROGRAN series thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) provides Samsonite production when needed, including the modeling process of the high shear forces and still maintain good high temperature strength when stripping tool. Such material is not only beautiful shape finished, dry and matte surface feels soft and comfortable. It also scratch resistant, stain-resistant, sweat or no significant residual mass.

Huntsman technology in support of the development team, the new beauty product testing conducted a series. Good test results, then IROGRAN TPU apply to full-scale production of high-end models Samsonite Lite-Locked and Lite-Cube luggage handle. In addition, Samsonite's Cosmolite, Firelite and Chronolite model bags hinges use the same kind of production also turned IROGRANTPU material.

Samsonite Vice President responsible for the production and development RikHillaer said: "Innovation is the key to the success of our new beautiful hand constantly developing new designs, new features, trying to improve the products to meet customers' different needs of different markets, on the other hand abide. "lightweight, durable and practical," the group's core values. We are very pleased to have the backing of Huntsman's technical support, more IROGRANTPU achievements pleased. "

Samsonite International SA is the world's largest travel luggage company, has more than 100 years of history. Its core Samsonite? Brand is the world's most famous travel luggage brand. The company developed a variety of innovative and widely used in the commercial production of which travel bags, which not only leads the major industry trends, but also to meet changing customer needs. Its products in 40 006 more than a thousand points of sale in more than 100 countries worldwide sales.

Huntsman is a registered brand name IROGRAN series thermoplastic polyurethane products. IROGRAN series TPU material durable, reliable, widely used, even in harsh environments good performance. Given its suitable for most design and product development challenges, IROGRAN injection molding and extrusion molding is undoubtedly a very practical solution, other programs are hard to compare.