LV brand of "popular" with the value of the "small minority"

Column:Industry Series Time:2018-04-14
Last month, LVMH Group released full-year 2014 reported earnings, the company's core profit declined for the first time in five years, but when it comes to the reasons for the decline in profits LV, imitations too many users "popular",

Last month, LVMH Group released full-year 2014 reported earnings, the company's core profit declined for the first time in five years, but when it comes to the reasons for the decline in profits LV, imitations too many users "popular", LV is no longer the high-end Consumers to be seen, seems to be attributed as the main cause of intentionally or unintentionally.

And many anecdotal examples of LV now appears to have abandoned the public by the end consumer market in China for example. The author of a restaurant in the pro-Beijing Wen this scene: ".. LV too common, it seems everyone has a relative comparison, I prefer to buy Bottega Veneta- it some more rare" issue such voices that seem to have a certain economic strength of a middle-aged lady.

Indeed, in Beijing's public transportation subway, shopping malls and other public places, people everywhere classic Monogram pattern body collapse LV bag, always encounter "hit the bag" embarrassment.

LV celebrities nobles highlight was the exclusive domain status, now popular in the middle class, and even began to flood the popular, why? I believe that there are two obvious reasons: First, the proportion of China's middle class has increased steadily, overall spending power of people in the growing; the second is a French palace-class luxury LV, on the popular image of the tall, so became imitators favorite brand.

LV, a market research has revealed that the greatest damage is on the LV LV fakes in China has done a full coverage of channels, the proliferation of fakes makes mostly high-end consumers shift consumption targets, but for the average consumer, from the cost view, they really do not want to buy LV.

However, I believe, Lv popular in the average consumer does not mean lowering the value of its brand. With the upgrading of the Chinese consumer goods, the "brand concept" gradually strengthening, if consumer demand will become a genuine choice. Therefore, Lv use crowd "popular" precisely reflect its sought after by all sectors of the facts, and this is precisely sought by brand value, brand creativity, brand craft earned.

From the perspective of brand value, LV full rich history and culture. LV has been born since 1854, 160 years of history. Louis Vuitton is a small carpenter born and later became an apprentice craftsman trunk, by chance became Empress Eugenie's most trusted experts trunk, creating some small carpenter to the Royal Queen manual labor and then to the top of the legendary founder of luggage making workshop. Subsequently various classic design is more fit to the development history of travel, as the French writer BlaiseCendrars said "left, accompanied by the line means that Lv."

Whether it is the founder of LV or its successor, will be rich in culture conditions must be seen as LV growing. Founder Louis Vuitton directly own name brand LV, his son inherited his father George Vuitton preference personally creative spirit specimens representative of the French luxury goods "since ancient times of travel," a book, but the book also laid Lv value in the French culture.

Profound historical and cultural quality after years of grinding into a gene contains the bones Lv. After a hundred years of experience and baptism, Lv already art, design and commercial elements rule by a furnace, in the minds of consumers and lay memorable brand mark.

From brand creative point of view, LV since the date of birth, attached great importance to innovation and improvement of products, and with a combination of practical needs. A classic case of far-reaching, the 1858, Lv introduced flat for easy transport aspen trunk lid solves a lot of problems due to travel to bring clothes and essential items for travel has brought great convenience.

And a mention Lv, with the brand label function "Monogram canvas" (ie Monogram pattern) known. From the first generation of LV Monogram canvas pattern to the second-generation head of George Vuitton design to today's international renowned monogram printed on canvas (Monogram Canvas) style, "Monogram canvas" is a continuation of 100 years of LV Brand identification symbol.

Meanwhile, Lv ideas in a small design is also reflected most vividly. Allegedly, the lock can be opened Qiaozhiweideng invention LV bags LV bags for all owners, eliminating the customer's waist trouble with a bunch of keys. And he created Monogram series, with a lightweight canvas and repeated production process, to create a highly resilient pressure and wear products, long time no distortion, no fade, but the pattern intact, almost all of the basic models this section are based on canvas, to be designed to play a different leather purposes.

Technology from the brand perspective, it is learned, LV production process is complex, making a Louis Vuitton wallet, it must go through the formalities 1000, the briefcase in the beginning of the design will continue for two consecutive weeks in the laboratory will not switch deformation test test.

Lv leather used almost all the fans know, Louis Vuitton leather goods with a dozen years, are still intact, but also because of the long-term skin color and skin touch, over time, become a natural and elegant color .

Printing had such rumors, after "Titanic" (Titanic) sunk the seabed for several years, a salvaged from the seabed Lv hardened luggage, not even infiltrated the half dripping; there are rumors that some people in fire, mostly burned clothing, except a Monogram Glace bags, fireworks blackened appearance was distorted, but items inside intact.

More worthy of praise is, Lv in the expansion of production scale, while workers on training management still retains some of the workshops apprenticeship practices fine choice of materials, adhere to the traditional handmade production, product production time than other plant 30%, almost "harsh" crafted.

In addition, LV in fabric selection, there are also unique. Allegedly, its not leather or other ordinary leather, instead of using a painting, called Canvas canvas material, plus a layer of waterproof PVC, which can ensure the good old bag, easy to wear.

LV familiar person, presumably would Lv Speedy 30, Lv Neverfull, Lv Alma, Lv Artsy, Lv Delightful Monogram, Lv Annie, Lv noe, classic bag models Lv Stellar, Lv Keepall and other familiar, its distinctive design and impeccable The quality of people in droves.

In comparison, few of which can produce a brand bags such a depth and breadth among consumers. Ultimately, the quality of the brand with a long history of creativity is guaranteed. As David Ogilvy said: "To attract the attention of consumers, while allowing them to buy your product, have to have good characteristics can not, unless you have a good idea of the ad, otherwise it's like Soon darkness engulfed the vessel. "

"Fast, aggressive, accurate" advertised "fast fashion" from the date on the rise of the momentum of rapid global leader in fashion trends, but I believe that with the consumption concept matures, consumers will be aesthetic tired, tired of only frequently stay in a new, trendy design aspects of things. And like Lv this classic, durable, unique brand of timeless values able timeless.

Why look at LV's "popular"? I believe that, LV commonplace in the general consumer population, and can not become a sales decline in profits, reducing the brand value of the "incentives."

Many hearts have a "LV complex", and this "complex" is the true reflection of the value of its brand.